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Origin of "Tango-no-Sekku"

Tango-no-Sekku "Tango" originally refers to Horse day at the beginning of month. However, according to the custom that Japanese people called the dates in odd month, which have dabbled number like March 3 or May 5, "Sekku".
 Somewhere down the line, May 5 was determined as the day for "Tango-no-Sekku", and it was established as a national holiday named "Children's Day" in 1948.
 In Japan there was already the custom of Shobu-yu(the bathwater heated with iris roots and leaves in it), which had been introduced from China and believed to expel evil. With keeping up it, the custom to celebrate the healthy growth of the boys along with Musha doll and Gogatsu doll have been passed down to the modern age as Japanese original event "Tango-no-Sekku".

Origin of "Gogatsu dolls"

 In the old days, when a boy have been born in the family of a samurai, his parents put ornamental helmets and dolls and planted banners and streamers in front of the entryway to celebrate the birth. Furthermore, there was a custom of gifting a new armour when the child goes to his first battle. It is said that these were gathered and Gogatsu dolls changed to become smaller size and be put indoors with the times.
 People display Gogatsu doll to protect their sons from evil and Koinobori(carp streamers) contains a wish for good health and social success.

Origin of "Koinobori(carp streamers)"

Koinobori(carp streamers) "Koinobori" originates from the Chinese legend that a carp will be transformed into a Chinese dragon after swimming up the waterfall called "Longmen" in the Yellow River, and it will go up to the sky.
 It expresses a family ties wishing for healthy growth and social success of the child.
 Planting Koinobori is a sign to tell the Gods birth of the boy and to bless him.
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Traditional Japanese doll TOGYOKU
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