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Origin of "Hagoita(Battledore)"

Hagoita(Battledore)  The history of Hagoita begins during the Muromachi period. It had been played by nobles at first, but it have become popular among general public as time goes by. To wish dragonflies eat mosquitoes which are the cause of a disease for children, people have started to hit shuttlecocks as dragonflies.
 In the Edo period, the custom of giving Hagoita (battledore) at the birth of girls became popular. It is said that the Hagoita will push away evil spirits and protect the child from them, so people wrer giving decorated Hagoita to wish for happiness and healthy growth of girls.
 Even now, people display it as the talisman for safety of family and success of business, because it is said that the shape of Hagoita brings good fortune.
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