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Origin of "Hamayumi(Exorcism bow)"

Hamayumi(exorcism bow) According to the Chinese legend, Shoki who is the god of war appears and defeats evil spirits by the bow. This story was transmitted to Japan later.
 In 670, the rituals called “Sharei” and “Taisha” to shoot an arrow and hit a target were held in the Imperial Palace on New Year’s Day.
 These rituals had been at their peat in the Heian period, they have been changed to “Tsuina(the ritual to expel devils)” using the arrow made of reed, and became the ornament of the beginning of the year.
 The target was called “Hama”, and “Hama” is composed of two words: “Ha”(slay) and “Ma”(devils). Therefore, “Hamayumi” become famous among general public as a gift to wishing healthy growth and social success of boys.
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