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Traditional Japanese doll TOGYOKUTraditional Japanese doll TOGYOKU
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Takashi Totsuka Founded in 1852, the Togyoku corporation has been striving to maintain and improve upon the art of traditional doll making inherited from its founder, Ryuuken Totsuka.
 In modern perspective, Japan’s face is that of a rapidly developing economic power.
 However, the heart and soul of Japan has a strong voice as well.
Specifically, within the world of manufactured arts and crafts, hand-made dolls are attracting a lot of attention with the warmth they bring to everyday living.
 Since times of antiquity, there has existed a belief that Japanese dolls function as a wish for the happiness of Children at the time of their birth. Now, at the hands of many skilled craftsmen, they’ve become an art symbolic of Japan. These handmade dolls act as kind guardian spirits, who watch over us and protect us as we journey through life.
 They comfort us in times of sadness, give us courage in times of loneliness, and share our joy in times of happiness. In short, these dolls are like extensions of ourselves. Given as international gifts, they promote peace and harmony through the expression of traditional Japanese culture.
 A doll given as a blessing for the happiness and prosperity of a child will embody the sincerity of the giver’s wish, and help the child to grow up happy and healthy.
 We at Togyoku hope that people, can rediscover the true beauty of the human through the joy of traditional handmade dolls.
Chairman of TOGYOKU
Takashi Totsuka
Hina dolls, Gogatsu dolls, Hagoita(Battledore), Hamayumi (Exorcism bow)|Town of Dolls,TOGYOKU in Iwatsuki , Saitama
Traditional Japanese doll TOGYOKU
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