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Traditional Japanese doll TOGYOKUTraditional Japanese doll TOGYOKU
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Photos of Events in Iwatsuki

Nagashi-bina (paper dolls floated downriver)
With a wish in Floating Hina Dolls ... it had been held since the Heian period
Date: the last Sunday before match 3.
Venue: Iwatsuki Jyoshi Park around Shobu pond in catle
Nagashi-bina (paper dolls floated downriver)
Iwatsuki Matsuri
The fancy costume parade of seven-tiered Hina doll set
Date: Sunday in late August
Venue:around Eeast Exit of Iwatsuki Station
Iwatsuki Matsuri     Iwatsuki Matsuri
Dolls' Memorial service

We hold the memorial service for dolls that are no longer displayed, used, or broken such as Hina dolls and Gogatsu dolls.
Date: November 3
Venue:The mound of dolls in Iwatsuki Jyoshi Park

Dolls' Memorial service     Dolls' Memorial service
Machikado Hina dolls tour
There are chances to see master craftsmen of dolls and old dolls.
Date: in March
Venue:Shopping street around Iwatsuki Station
Machikado Hina dolls tour
Opening parade
Machikado Hina dolls tour
Special exhibition
Machikado Hina dolls tour
The workshop for making Hanging Hina decorations
Machikado Hina dolls tour
The workshop for making Kimekomi dolls
Machikado Hina dolls tour
Hina Doll exhibition by the local elementary school students
Machikado Hina dolls tour
Doll exhibition of the Edo period at Tougyoku Doll museum

Hina dolls, Gogatsu dolls, Hagoita(Battledore), Hamayumi (Exorcism bow)|Town of Dolls,TOGYOKU in Iwatsuki , Saitama
Traditional Japanese doll TOGYOKU
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