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Traditional Japanese doll TOGYOKUTraditional Japanese doll TOGYOKU
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Company name TOGYOKU DOLL CO., LTD.
Shop name Traditional Japanese doll TOGYOKU
Address 3-2-32 Honcho, Iwatsuki-ku, Saitama-city, Saitama, Japan
Tel +81(0)48-756-1111 
Fax +81(0)48-757-3113 
Start of business We have started our business in 1852, the Edo period.


Established as a limited company at first in 1948, the Showa period.

Capital ¥50 million
President Daisuke Totsuka
Employees 47 (During peak business period 120)
Business Manufacturing and selling of Hina dolls, Gogatsu dolls, Japanese dolls, Hagoita(battledores), and Hamayumi(Exorcism bow).
(Nationwide wholesale and, direct sales stores in the Kanto region)
Sales of Japanese style crafts and plush toys, etc.
Management of Doll Museum and Doll School, Real estate agent
Office Main office: Togyoku Ningyo building, 3-2-32, Honcho, Iwatsuki-ku, Saitama-city, Saitama
Main Shop: 1-3, Honcho, Iwatsuki-ku, Saitama-city, Saitama,
Distribution Center:  Shiromachi Kobo, 2-2-34, Shiromachi, Iwatsuki-ku, Saitama-city, Saitama,
Direct sells shops: Yokohama, Fujisawa, and Utsunomiya
Sales branch: 4-7-14, Tsuruta, Sanjo-shi , Niigata
Kimekomi Kobo (Doll Studio): 1-3, Honcho, Iwatsuki-ku, Saitama-city, Saitama.
Hina Kobo (Doll Studio): 2-2-34, Shiromachi, Iwatsuki-ku, Saitama-city, Saitama
Customers Nationwide doll retail stores, Mass Market Marketer, Toy shops, Furniture stores, etc. Total 450 stores


1852 First founder Dr. Ryuuken Totsuka began to create dolls as a hobby while marking as a Chinese herbal medicine doctor
1914 Fourth generation, Iwao Totsuka started doll manufacturing and wholesale business
as Totsuka Ningyo Souhonten
(Photo:Totsuka Ningyo Souhonten)
1927 The first direct sales shop was opened in Utsunomiya, Tochigi(prefecture)
1945 We started the businesses with major department store, Mitsukoshi, Matsuya, and Seibu
1948 Established Totsuka Shouten limited company
Prince Takamatsunomiya visited our workshop
1950 Established the nationwide wholesale operations
as Totsuka Ningyo Souhonten
(Photo:Totsuka Ningyo Souhonten)
1964 Changed the company name to Togyoku co. Ltd.
The Crown Prince Akihito and the Crown Princes Michiko visited to see doll making
1972 Togyoku doll building (headquarters, and main shop) was completed


Opened of Togyoku Doll Center
Opened of Togyoku Doll Museum
Opened the interactive facility “Togyoku Ningyo-no-Kuni”
Crown Princess Michiko (Current The Empress) and her daughter princess Norinomiya visited our Doll Center
At Sekku doll competition, Gogatsu doll "Wakataka" received the Prime Minister's Prize.
Crown Princess Michiko (Current The Empress) and her daughter princess Norinomiya
1989 Togyoku Doll Center was selected as the one of “the 50 Regional Industry” by the Ministry of International, Trade and Industry.
Togyoku Kimekomi Doll Studio was designated as a traditional craft model factory from Saitama prefectural Government.
1993 The Governors of the Kanto Governor's Association and their wives visited Togyoku Doll Center
Presented our standing Hina Doll “Suzuki Hina” to the Emperor and the Empress from Saitama prefectural Government.
1998 Our president Takashi Totsuka assumed the position of the president of Ningyo Kyokai (the Dolls Association of Japan)
2000 Produced the Hina dolls with "Edo Komon" textiles dyed by master dyer Yasutaka Komiya, a human national treasure
2001 The first Hina doll and May doll charity fair in Saitama arena was held
2002 The first collection of the works by Kenichi Suzuki (chief artist of Tougyoku) was published
2004 Kenichi Suzuki was certified as an Important Intangible Cultural Property of Saitama.
The exhibition commemorating the anniversary of this certification was held at Togyoku Doll museum.
Organized "Doll town Iwatsuki, Machikado Hina doll tour". and attracted many tourists to Iwatsuki with the cooperation of local volunteers.
2007 Togyoku Taisyo-kan was registered as National Important Cultural Properties.
Held the large dolls exhibition at Pacifico Yokohama
2008 Princess Takamado visited our Doll Museum Saitama arena was held
Hina dolls, Gogatsu dolls, Hagoita(Battledore), Hamayumi (Exorcism bow)|Town of Dolls,TOGYOKU in Iwatsuki , Saitama
Traditional Japanese doll TOGYOKU
1-3 Honcho, Iwatsuki-ku, Saitama-city, Saitama
TEL.+81 (0)48-756-1111 FAX.+81 (0)48-757-3113
FREE.0120-393501 (in Japan only)
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