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Origin of "Hina dolls"

Hina dolls  The story goes far back to one thousand years ago, to the early days of the “Heian era”. In those days, ”Hina Asobi”, a sort of playing house with paper dolls, was widely prevalent among women and girls of the nobility.
 This tradition originated in China. Ancient Chinese people held a ceremony in March 3 to expel bad luck near the streams, and in Japan, there was an custom floating the paper dolls to the stream or pond in the garden.
 It is said that "Hina dolls" was born after "Ningyo Asobi" and "Nagashi Hina(paper dolls floated downriver)", where combined.
Hina dolls, Gogatsu dolls, Hagoita(Battledore), Hamayumi (Exorcism bow)|Town of Dolls,TOGYOKU in Iwatsuki , Saitama
Traditional Japanese doll TOGYOKU
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